Monday, June 1, 2009

Back from Sydney

Hi girls!!!

Finally a few minutes to sit down at the computer!!! Had a few days 2 weeks ago along the coast visiting the outlaws and showing Sukie around some of our beautiful sights including the 12 apostles,triplet falls,Lavers Hill and then last week we spent a week in Sydney!!! had some great and not so great weather,but had a fabulous time!!! Visited the set of the Morning show and met Larry and Kylie,they were very nice!Cruised around the harbour,day trip to Manly and Paddington and stayed with my cousin for a few days in Balmain East.Also cuaght uo with my lovely friend Josephine and little Daisy!Hows that hey,big Daisy and little Daisy!They had a nice play chasing the Ibis's in Hyde Park and big Daisy had quite a fascination with the appendage on one of the statues in the fountain.So much so,she had to take a photo!!!With zoom!Well it needed it actually!
Had dinner with an old school friend in Darling Harbour,he was also in Sydney for the week!Darling harbour is beautiful at night!
Had the most divine lunch at a very fancy pattiserie in Balmain called Adriano Zumbo who do the best hot chocolates in the world.No joke!! And probably the most expensive too!
My other fave is a little cafe in Manly called ingredients,they do great salads and toasted wraps and cakes.I think my whole trip revolved around food!And unfortunately as i had Daisy with me as well it involved Mc Donalds.She still prefers a happy meal over a nice toasted sandwich!Gross.
Anyway,i am about to finish up and go upstairs to watch deperate housewives.
Will try and do a decent post tomorrow and answer some emails!


  1. Welcome home, dear Les ... what a stressful time you've obviously had! *green with envy* Suzex

  2. Some lovely photos there! That statue in the park looks familar:) Glad to see you safely home again, Lesley. That is a great shot of you and Daisy outside Channel 7! Also, the photo of Suki and Daisy with the lights of Sydney behind them!

  3. Have stumbled across your blog, really like it. Sounds like you had a great time away, Larry and Kylie seem to be so nice on TV, good to hear they really are! Will visit again. xx

  4. Hi Lesley,
    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, I just found yours through a comment you left on someone elses blog (few hope you got that!)
    I have seen all of your lovely goodies on ebay for a while now, it's good to see you now have a blog.
    Come visit me back when you get the chance.

  5. Hi there,
    I've left a "Lovely Blog Award" for you at my site. xx Moonspinner

  6. Hello Lesley..
    Welcome back from your stressful weeks. (smile)
    Your daisy is so adorable.
    My Joy will love to have a play date with Daisy. Can't wait to see what's happening with your craft affair..
    x Julie