Monday, May 18, 2009

squeezing in some time for lamps!!!!

Had a busy time at work on the weekend,very very busy shift in emergency on both Saturday and Sunday nights!!In between showing my visitor around and cleaning the house,i have barely had any time to do anything else!!!But whilst i watch telly at night i like to stitch my lamps,so here are some of my latest!!Thought i'd also include a pic of Sukie meeting a cocky for the first time!And with Miss daisy!
We are off on Wednesday for a few days down to the Great Ocean rd for a drive and a trip to the Otways and 12 apostles.Then Sydney next monday for a week!So not much sewing going on!Looking forward to the nice weather though after a week of rain!
Hope everyone is well! And thank you all for your gorgeous emails,but i am really trying to catch up and answer them,but its hard with a guest needing lots of entertaining!I havnt forgotten you though!lesley xxx


  1. Hi, Leslie, I'm Holly! Welcome to the land of blog. ☺ I saw you over at Melly's and thought I'd come introduce myself.

    Such pretty pics for my eyes to feast on this morning! Your home and your crafts are lovely!

    My tastes in decorating and crafting is varied. I love shabby, romantic, cute, country, beachy- everything all mixed in.

    Come by and see me sometime if you have time but don't visit my Scrapbook Sunday post unless you can stand the sight of snakes!

  2. Hi Lesley,

    Your lamps are gorgeous, golly you are one very talented lady. Have a great time away and keep safe.


  3. Leslie,
    I don't know how you are able to get so much done in 24 hours! You do such beautiful work.

  4. Super woman as usual, dear Les! Love the lamps. The cockies are very cute especially because they are not on my back porch eating my camellia bushes! I've been playing with miniature ponies in our back yard - and some corrugated iron kookaburras. Much less demanding than the real ones who get very cross with me when I don't rush out and meet and greet them with meat on my back deck. One of these days they'll smash a window trying to get my attention!

    Have a fab time away from the coalmine (lol).

    Suzy xx

  5. I love the photos of Sukie and Miss Daisy!