Friday, May 15, 2009

Just call me martha Stewart!!!!

Well,what a busy week!!!I have had Sukie out from Denmark so we have been out and about in this cold awful weather!Done lots of sightseeing,so not much ebaying,sewing or blogging!But i have done lots of cooking and today i made a lovely bacon and vegetable minestrone soup and olive bread with rosemary.Not much left now!!!About to go up and cook Tandoori chicken and potato wedges with dill and tarragon!I really love to cook,but dont get much time anymore,so am putting in the effort!

Hope everyone has been well and that i can catch up on emails soon!!!! Les xxx


  1. How yummy do they look. I'd come over for dinner any day! I'm such a bad cook :( food never turns out well for me! My daughters birthday party is tomorrow - and I'm already panicking about the things I need to cook. Crossing my fingers and thankful they're children and hopefully won't know the difference! He He!
    Best wishes,

  2. Hey there Lesley!! was just checking out your me page to get a link to your website and discovered you have a blog!! Well I am going to put you as one of my fav's on my blog roll now so I can pop back often and see what your blogging about!! Hope you are well and chat soon! Your blog looks dreamy!!
    mandii (shabby_vintage_dreams)

  3. Hi Lesley, welcome to the blogging world, I must say that your blog is so lovely and I love your home and all that you create you are so creative. I hope you don't mind me following your blog, I look forward to visiting with you again.
    Have a lovely afternoon, take care!

  4. Hi L
    Oh.. you are so Martha Stewart..
    I don't mind trying your food(smile).
    Just invite me anytime.. I am ready!!!

    Happy Cooking!

  5. Thank you Julie!!!!Drop in anytime you feel like a trip up to the Hills!!!

    I'm usually always around!!

    lesley : )

  6. My Daisy is blowing kisses to that pavlova cake
    You are Martha Stewart Lesley except you have your nursing skills over her as well!