Monday, May 4, 2009

Busy week sewing!!

Well,after a very busy weekend,i can get back into my sewing! I have so many projects and orders on the go,i am always busy!
Just getting ready to do my listings for ebay,this is the part i fond a chore! I love to sew,i love to photograph,but typing description after desription,i find i run out of interesting things to say!
Only a few days to go now until my special visitor from Denmark arrives,we are looking forward very much to having Sukie arrive!I am still madly cleaning and trying to get organised,but i dont feel like i am getting anywhere!!

Tomorrow i am out for the day shopping and having lunch with a friend,so looking forward to a little break! But not for long because as per usual i am the mum taxi and chauffering my son around to his million different sports! I do love that he has an interest in sports,but it is a bit out of control and he has training for one thing or another 7 days a week!
Anyway,i'll try and post some pics of my latest projects going up on ebay shortly!I just have to get motivated to type,which i am not so good at!

Have a nice evening everyone,my first week of blogging has been great!Thanks to all my lovely emails!!!


  1. What a pretty blog! I have added you to my list of favourites :-)

    A bientot


    ps thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Have fun shopping and break from your cleaning(smile) I would love to go sassafras or cloud Hill for lunch.. yum.
    Isn't Leeann's(Fabulously French) French life look so wonderful?


  3. Hi Leslie,
    What a lovely blog you have so nice to meet you! Cathy

  4. Hi Les, you really are a power sewer - all looks gorgeous as usual! Your beautiful little hearts that you painted and decorated with the sparkly German glass look gorgeous in my studio! Have a fab week - left a message on your phone as requested. We'll catch up soon. Suzex

  5. I have to say I think you write great descriptions on EBay, Lesley! They always sound as if you made a personal effort to describe each item and I always want to buy everything which is the point I guess!