Monday, April 27, 2009

Well,today i have finally taken the plunge and started a blog!!!It is all new to me and i am just learning,so hopefully i will catch on,being the computer illiterate person that i am !

I honestly dont know how i'll find the time to keep this going,i have little enough as it is!I have spent the last 2 weeks solidly cleaning and decluttering the house,we have my sons cousin coming out from Denmark to stay for a few months,followed by 2 German exchange students at once!! So i need all the room and headspace that i can get!!!!So getting my house in order will take some of the pressure off! I am getting there slowly,i am completely removing everything from every cupboard and deciding how much i really need it! But having hoarder disease,i really do need most of the crap that i am finding buried under years of dust! But my friend Kaz who is extremely ruthless, is keeping me on track and telling me that the 80's pink jacket with huge shoulder pads really is not evergoing to come back into fashion and to donate it to Vinnies! So reluctantly the op shop pile is growing whilst my cupboards are getting less full of crap!

Anyway,enough for today,i am going upstairs with a cuppa and going to watch desperate housewives.Well,i feel like one today!!!

Ciao for now!!!!