Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well,its been a long time since i've been on here,where do i start?
Firstly,hello,and how has everyone been? Been flat out here,i went back to full time nursing almost 12 months ago,have been working on big renovations around here,doing most of the work ourselves!And almost finished!! Was very unwell for 3 months with pneumonia and whooping cough and tonsillitis.So all that took its toll,but now am finally feeling much better.I took a 12 month break from my website and ebay,so looking forward to getting back into that,have been working on heaps of items that i have just listed.
I have made some big changes around the house,firstly getting rid of most of my pink pretty items and going with a more rustic french red and taupe and white.Very happy with the new look.I got rid of my denim slip covered furniture and bought a massive 7 seater distressed brown leather sofa!And i am loving it! No more cat prints dog prints,grubby kids feet and spilt drinks to stress me out! Just a quick wipe and it looks fabulous! Even the rabbit jumping all over it and scratching the leather just adds to the look!
Anyway,will put up some pics of my new kitchen and family room,am very happy how it turned out,loving the clean white look and french doors into the garden.
Been making a lot of red cushions from vintage fabrics and painting my timber furniture white for a great budget overhaul!
Will go and have a read through everyone elses blogs and try to catch up!
Hope everyone is enjoying summer,we seemed to have missed out up here in Olinda,it was 10 degrees this morning,summer hasnt even started!