Friday, September 10, 2010

Has it really been 3 months???

Hi girls,
Cant believe it has been 3 months since i posted,where has the time gone? Actually i know where its gone,i have been doing kitchen renovations and working full time and studying!
Finally after 6 years in our house we decided to do the kitchen and some renovations.We knocked down a dividing wall between the kitchen and our back family room to make a ginormous kitchen.It all had to be replastered,new ceilings,the full works.The kitchen went in 2 weeks ago but i am still awaiting all my appliances connected : ( hopefully soon......
I am so so happy with it so far,exactly what i wanted.I wanted French,stone,sparkly chandeliers,huge oven and lots of new red and white china.I tiled the walls in a cobblestoned Travertine marble which i love,restored 2 magnificent antique brass and swarovski crystal French chandeliers,painted the floorboards a gloss white,wall sconces with Ashwell linen and filled the cupboards with 2 new maxwell and williams dinner sets,new silver cutlery,and red and white polka dot mugs and bowls.I still have to finish some plastering,have the pair of French doors into the courtyard installed and a bit of painting,then can out the final photos!So that is part of what has kept me busy!
I have gone back to nursing full time and also do some study,so doesnt leave much spare time! But i have found some time to sew some lovely new cushions which i have listed,and i have used mushy squishy heavy feather inserts!Very happy with how they have turned out! I have been very quiet on the ebay front lately,i have had enough orders to keep me busy!And with a new bunch of English doctors fresh off the plane who like to go out for a drink,i have also gone back to my youth and been partying far too hard.I see some good nights out in the upcoming summer!
Anyway,i hope everyone is well and i will try to read some blogs tonight,i have a rare Friday evening at home!Will post finished pics as soon as it is all done,but in the meanwhile here are a few shots from along the way.....

Friday, May 7, 2010

kitchen renovations,new French cushions,chandeliers and new verandah!!

Hi Girls!!

I'll start off with some sad news,my beautiful siamese cat Timmy that has featured in so many of my photos and posts and magazine shoots was hit by a car last week and died.We are all very devastated,especially Daisy,he was her birthday present 4 years ago.We miss him so much,especially his other cat friend Harry,the two were inseperable.RIP Timmy.: (

Onto brighter things,been busy here,the boys have been building me a nice verandah outside my dining room,its almost finished!! My life seems to be painting at the moment,walls,windows and now verandah posts!! Getting hard as the weather has now turned awful,foggy and cold,so my painting is over until the spring! Outside anyway.....
Now to the inside! My new kitchen starts soon,we are knocking down walls and turning our back room into part of the kitchen,so it will be huge!It will be so nice finally after 6 years in our house to have the kitchen of my dreams! Or rather,the one i can afford,the one in my dreams will stay there until i win lotto!I am still undecided over what colour to paint the walls,do i stick with white,do i go duck egg blue or pale swedish grey? aah decisions,decisions.....
currently on holidays in Sydney at the moment,a well deserved break after working almost fulltime in the last few months at the hospital! The weather is lovely,i have come back to summer! After having winter the last month at home up the mountain,with rain,fog and more rain,not to mention the freezing cold,i have come to Sydney and it is a lovely 25 degrees!!! Shame i am going home tonight,i think i would quite like to live here!
Been working on some new cushions and lamps,have had a lot of requests for blue ones,so they atre currently listed on ebay at the moment!! I had forgotten how much i actually like blue!I had some beautiful old tickings and fabrics,so it was nice to work with them! I also have some beautiful vintage dome chandeliers,these are so hard to come by and i was able to buy a houselot!have a look!

Not much else newswise,been so busy painting,working,sewing and mums taxi,so i'll wish everyone a happy mothers day for tomorrow and hope you all have a great day and are spoilt rotten!!

Ciao for now,lesley : )

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Holidays,redecorating,french cushions,Cath Kidston lamps and more!!!

Hi Girls,

Am trying my best to catch up on blogs and update mine,its just a never ending battle to find time!!! have been really unwell the last 5 days with gastro and flu,just starting to feel human again,but still off my food,which is a blessing in disguise for me over easter as i havnt raided the kids eggs and i dont think there are any left! A good kick start to my diet.

Well,the last 2 months or so,i have been painting the outside of my house,and being 5 bedrooms and 2 storeys is no mean feat.It is coming along beautifully in a deep cream,white trim on windows,black gloss doors,guttering and ironwork.I have painted the deck tiles in a gloss black,so very ooh la la!!!! Am nearing the end,which is just as well as i think our summer and warm weather are well and truly over!In for a cold winter!!! Next job is our renovations,we are knocking out some walls and joining our kitchen and our back sun room into one big room,adding French doors and redoing kitchen completely.I think i am going for cream and white in a French style and no more pink!!! So i am having a big sale of furniture and lots of treasured pieces to make way for the new!!! So check out my ebay listings as i have some special pieces including my beautiful roses lounge suite!

I have been making more of my french farmhouse cushions using lots of old tickings,ribbons and buttons.I love recycling old teatowels,sheets and curtains to use in these cushions.My son has just returned from paris,so i have a new stash of goodies!!!I am going for a new look in my house,i think red and tan are the go! I just love the french fabrics and colours and so much more durable than pinks and whites when you have kids,cats dogs,lizards and husbands!!!!And may i add husbands mates who just dont appreciate that feet dont go on furniture or sweaty bums in cycling gear!!!

Having good school holidays here so far,staying at the outlaws,with Miss daisy and my niece,they are having a great time,even if i have spent half of it in bed! The holidays go so quickly,only a few days left! It is nice to get away to the country for a break.

Ryan is back from his trip to Europe and is adjusting well to being back home after so long away! he had a great time and now has all of term one school work to catch up on! So his holidays are spent stdying chemistry and maths,but after jetsetting around Paris,Denmark,Sweden and Germany,i think he cant complain!!!

Anyway,i had better go and socialise,we are all about to have a nice competetive game of scrabble!! Enjoy the holidays everyone! Check out my current ebay listings if you like the look of any of my latest items!!! I have a sale on many of my cushions at discounted prices!!!

Take care!! Les xxxx