Thursday, May 7, 2009

Long day,i'm tired!!!

Hi everyone,

had a very busy day today getting ready for my visitor,she arrives in 3 days!!! I have rearranged her room,moved lots of furniture,and changed all the lamps and cushions around.Will post pics tomorrow if the light is good enough to take some!It is cold and dingy up here at the moment!!

I have bought myself a lovely vintage French chest of drawers for my bedroom after waiting 5 years to find the right one,as the one i have is too small! So that has now gone in ,my spare room and my new one has taken pride of place in my bay window.

My lovely friend Kaz came around yesterday to help me clean up,i am getting so stressed out as i just have 20 million things to do and not enough time to devote to everything! And all i want to do is sit in front of my sewing machine and sew,i have a lot of new ideas and no time to try them out!And some gorgeous new fabrics!!

I have had quite a few requests for some more pics,thank you everyone for being so friendly!!!So i'll put some oldies up and when i take new ones will post them as well!!!

I will try and reply to all my emails,sometimes i get 25 a day and i just run out of time as i have to share the computer with my hubby and kids! And suze,i still have to ring you,i am trying to squeeze it in!!! I havnt forgotten you my dear friend!!!!


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  2. Wow! I'm famous! I cracked a personal message under such a bounty of gorgeous pics!! I'm very honoured Les. *kiss kiss* to you, my friend. Don't stress! We're all busy and you're at the top of the chart with your load on at the moment. Your blog looks fantastic and I'm really enjoying learning about the blogging world. I know the feeling about wanting to get the sewing machine purring - my little blonde head is bursting with some ideas and I need to hide from the world and get to it! So glad you like my blog too - yesterday Hans kissed a pony - and I didn't have my camera on me!! Suzyx (P.S. I deleted my first comment because it had a couple of doozy typos!)

  3. Wow.. L
    I wish I could help you with whatever you have to do..(smile). Sounds like you are a busy busy woman. I love all your creations. Have a great weekend!
    x Julie

  4. Thankyou so much for stopping by my blog. I've actually been a huge fan of your's from Ebay for quite some time now. Your items are simply stunning, and I'm filled with envy looking at your beautiful home! Please pop by again sometime to say hello, I'll be difinately coming back now I know you have a lovely blog I can drool over!
    Best wishes,

  5. Hi Lesley,
    Thanks for popping past my blog. Lovely pics! You will have to take a pic of your new french chest as I love french furniture. Happy Mothers Day to you too.