Thursday, June 25, 2009

away skiing

Hi Girls,

Sorry its been a while since i last posted,have been hectic catching up on things since my visitor from hell left and the last week we have been on holidays at Falls Creek skiing,so this is my first chance to get on the computer!! We get home in a few days so will post lots of new pics,catch up on emails and chat to everyone!!!I am very sore and sorry for myself,the old legs are not what they used to be!! The snow is fantastic though,we are about to go up and have an afternoon session as this morning has been a bit foggy!! (hence sitting at an internet cafe catching up on emails!!) The kids are having a great time and doing really well,Daisy is quite the snowbunny!!Anyway,better head off,Dave will be waiting for me and probably getting quite grumpy!!

Talk soon,have a great week all!!

Les xxxxx


  1. Enjoy the snow Lesley. Post some pics! Look whilst you've been away doing the ski bunny I've started my own Blog! I am still new so don't laugh at me. It's not a case of Single White Female as you won't catch me on a snowfield my dear! Inside reading a book perhaps! Love to the tribe. xx

  2. Don't break a leg ... that's great your enjoying yourself, look foward to photo's!!

  3. Oh you lucky girl! One day we will make it to the snow! Have fun Lesley.
    Best wishes,

  4. I just happened on your blog today. The photos you have on your blog at the top are just gorgeous! WOW! What a beautiful place you have. Have fun skiing! :)