Monday, June 8, 2009

The visitor from HELL !!!!

Hi girls,

I just havnt found the time to post anything much,been busy with my visitor from Hell who thank god only has 6 more days!!!
Have you ever had anyone come to stay that does NOTHING,stays in their pajamas all day unless you take them out,gets up at midday,waits to be served every meal and be cleaned up after,wont do anything around the house and expects you to pay for absolutely everything and wont even pretend to offer!!!Disappears when it is time to do the dishes,sits on facebook all day in front of the tv,and watches as you struggle to bring in 10 bags of shopping from the car!No thanks yous for anything and no interest in any place you take her! Appears out of her room at 6pm on the dot asking where dinner is but no attempst to help!

Well,i am so over it and counting down the days until my life gets back to normal!!
Sorry for the rant,I HAVE HAD ENOUGH !!!
Next post will be happier!!!
Hope everyone has had a nice long weekend!!!

lesley : )


  1. Holy cow I'd be ranting to her honey, you are sooo good!

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  2. helloooo! just surfed on in here, can't rememb er where from, nice blog and welcome to blogland

    I just had to comment on the visitor from hell thing b/c i KNOW SO what you mean, ahhhhhhhh, I had one the same a few years ago, in fact she came more than once and in the end we fell out, her arriving was like me having a fourth child, in fact she behaved a lot worse than my children and at 34 years old....and the continual moaning about how cr*p it is here and the wanting to be ferried around...

    anyway I hope yours has gone or is going soon, then you can heave a big old sigh of relief and don't do it ever again lol!


  3. Hi Lesley,
    Go for it girl, rant all you like!!!
    I would too if I had visitors like her as well...
    Just take a deep breath & count to 10 & then spit in if front of her, maybe she just needs to be told!!!
    I have just been oogling (is that a word?) your gorgeous house, love, love love it.
    Chat soon,

  4. Oh Lesley, you poor thing! I honestly can't say I've been in that position, but I feel for you! What a spot you're in. And I bet you've said nothing, don't worry I'm the same! I'm glad you've had the chance to get some of that frustration out! Not too long, hope you can bear it for a few more days!
    Best wishes,

  5. Hmmm... Your "guest" must be looking around your beautiful home and thinking, "This woman can do anything. She may as well be my servant!" Next time they want to come "visit" say it's not a good time. ♥

  6. Holy cow! Sounds like you should start asking her to help.
    Good luck! :)

  7. I know you meant every word and I know you are serious. I just had to laugh because of the way you put it, The Visitor from Hell- just the header itself was funny, besides the rest of it. It does sound like a funny movie. Anyways did you ever talk to her about helping out? Or is she going to find out by reading your blog? Well here's hoping it all works out soon.

    Take Care-

  8. Dear Lesley
    I feel your pain but I had to smile as I read this post. I can never believe how selfish some people are! The fact that she wouldn't even offer to do simple things to help you is terrible. I know that you are a straight-talking tell it like it is sort of person so I'm wondering what's holding you back here from letting her know about her lack of manners. Is it because she's a relative and you don't want to rock the boat? It sounds as if this guest has grown up with things being done around her. She may not reaise how obnoxiouus her behanviour is! Maybe it's time for a pot of tea and a bit of a chat to her about your disappointment in her lack of respect for you and your family. Maybe just show her this Blog LOL.
    Chin up sweets. I'm glad you had a rant to us. It makes a funny post.

  9. Hi Lesley, welcome to blogland. it's great to have you along for the ride!
    All I can say about your visitor is "Oh, BOY!". Say something, ask her to help, get tough! You will resent her visit all together if you don't. It is a tricky situation, but you are the adult, she is the "child".
    I think I'd be counting down the minutes.....

  10. Hi Guys!!!

    Thanks for your great posts!!!!
    Believe me,i have said something but it goes in one ear and out the other!!!After asking her yesterday to empty the dishwasher THREE times and half an hour later she was still sitting watching tv in her pajamas at 1pm,i went ballistic,i think she got the idea!Teenagers hey!
    One thing though is it makes me proud to know my kids would NEVER behave that way in someone elses house.
    And dont worry,she wont read this,its not facebook or myspace,blogging is waaaay to daggy for kids!!!!!!
    Only 5 days to go.........

  11. OHH NOO!! what a NIGHTMARE!! wore me out just thinking about it, not a very nice guest I say!! bet you wont invite them back in a hurry!!

  12. I know exactly what you are talking about, we have had a few - the only consolation is that ours pay as they are guests of the chambres D'hotes. That said when I was living in Sydney a friend from London came to stay for a couple of weeks and it was a very long couple of weeks as it is one thing to work with someone and another to live with them.

    Why do some people think that it is our role to entertain them whilst staying with you?

    A bientot,

    Leeann x