Thursday, July 2, 2009

Daisys new room!!!!

Hi guys,

Finally catching up on blogland!!! Have been so hectic all week,so many parcels to post and kids to keep entertained on school holidays and if that wasnt enough Daisy decided she desperately wanted her bedroom painted because she hates pink.Thanks Sheridan,its all your fault because she saw your new bedroom!!!!
Soooo,i chose a lovely colour called april showers that my friend Kim has used and i loved it!!Thanks Kim!!!!
So yesterday and today i have washed walls,cleaned crap from out under beds,moved furniture and finally painted!!!!All finished and i moved everything back in today and madam loves it!!Sorry photos are blurry,someone changed teh ISO setting on my camera without telling me!Thanks Ryan! by the time i realised i couldnt be bothered redoing photos!!

Anyway,i still have so much to catch up on and blogs to read and emails to answer but tonight i am going to bed,so maybe tomorrow!!!


  1. It is stunning! I will show my Daisy tomorrow as she will be interested! I did like her pink one as well but I understand that Daisy now wants her own colour choices! Is she happy with the result? You are a dynamo Lesley! That room is so delightful,so cozy. Remember that I kept the original magazine article with Daisy's old bedroom for inspiration for my girl? I'll show Daisy tomorrow and post her reaction. But she does love pink! xx

  2. Oh, I love the new colour - very chic.

  3. Hi Lesley.
    What a cute room!!
    Your little princess is so so lucky to mum like you. I love the little wardrobe and the painting above it. You and daisy are welcome to come and stay at our guestroom.. (smile)

    Julie x

  4. Hi Lesley,
    Love the new colour change! Looks great.

  5. Lesley, it's gorgeous! You're an inspriration ... I now have the motivation to paint our master bedroom ... and maybe commission you to make a cushion or two. xx adrienne