Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Germans are here!!!!

Hiya Girls!!!!

Sorry,havnt had time to post or read much this week,my two german exchange students arrived last weekend!!!And they are just gorgeous!!!!A boy Max and girl Eva,they are so lovely and friendly and helpful!!!!We are having a great time,been out every day after school and we are one big busy household!! It is a shock going from 2 to 4 kids,but i am getting used to it.........more washing.....more peace and quiet in the bathroom!Tonight i have 5 of them here,a school friend and his german are here watching the footy as well,so i have vacated the lounge over run with noisy kids!
Had a great night on Tuesday,went to the pink concert which was fabulous.Had dinner first at a vietnamese restaurant with my friend Kaz,then onto the concert which was amazing.She is even better live and the backgrounds and costumes were divine.So much to look at!!!And she can swing upside down on a trapeze and still sing!!!
Anyway,its late and i have to get up early for the markets,so will pop back in later and finish catching up on everyones news!And some pics of my new loungeroom curtains that i spent several days making(never again) curtains are so boring,give me teh small stuff anyday!!

Les xxxx


  1. Hey Lesley, I thought of you yesterday when we went to the Blue Mountains (and how happy you are in your Mountains) Yes, I have read Pig Island and it creeped me out soooo much! She is very clever with it. I really enjoyed SKIN as well (in particular the Daisy bits!) Have you read Tokyo and The Treatment? Glad to hear that your German visitors are going well. I must check out your shop soon to see if you have curtains for sale. I will be looking for curtains for our bedroom soon when we do the renovation. I should make them myself (in my dreams!) I actually am trying to teach myself to knit and crochet which is a sad sight.
    Must go to bed as I'm knackered!
    Big Love to you all xx

  2. Hi Lesley,
    Good grief! What a full house. Sounds like they are having fun though.
    Glad to hear that the Pink concert was good, just about everyone I know that went to see her said that it was amazing.

  3. Wow! What an experience!!! How interesting! (on a different subject...your cats are hilarious! ;)

    m ^..^

  4. hi sound flat out!!
    But hey..that makes life interesting..

    love your are going gangbusters..
    keep up the lovely work..

    xx andrea