Friday, July 10, 2009

Busy week with school holidays!!!

Hi girls,

Been a hectic week at home with kids here for holidays!!! Its so hard to get anything done and i just seem to spend my time cleaning!!! Did manage a bit of sewing and listing though!!! Have a look on ebay if you like!! I also included some pics of my 2 beautiful siamese boys,they always tend to sleep on top of each other,but this time they were crammed onto Daisys little chair in her room above teh heating vent! Looks very uncomfortable,but they seem happy! Well the one on top does anyway!!!
Went to the movies and saw Bruno on Wednesday,i must say,dont take your mother or your children under 18!!!! There were some very funny bits,mostly wrong bits and a very very cringeworthy pants wetting gay sex scene with Milli Vanillis ghost!!! No where near as good as Borat,no storyline whatsoever,just lots of gross scenes for teh sake of it.I'd give it a 4/10.
We get our 2 German exchange students this weekend,really looking forward to that!!! They sound lovely and not a bit like my recent guest from Hell.I am still recovering from that!!!
Anyway,hope everyone has been well,i am back to the house cleaning before they arrive,and hopefully a bit of cooking,i have some new recipes i want to try,have to get used to cooking for 6 people now!!!

Lesley : )


  1. All your sewing efforts look spectacular, Lesley! How talented are you! Those German guests are going to be so spoilt in your lovely house. Hope Daisy is enjoying her gorgeous new bedroom. xx

  2. Hi Lesley

    Your cushions and the lamps are to die for..
    I am saving up the get some of your creation..(LOL).. Lucky your exchage student whom get to stay at such a wonderful place.Can I come???

    Have a great weekend!!!
    Julie xx

  3. All those cushions and lamps are just adorable! I've tagged you with an award - see my blog for details!
    Best wishes,

  4. Hi Lesley,
    Love the new cushions/pillows & lamps.
    Where do you find the time? I must be the most time poor person I know....must do something about that!
    Good luck with the German exchange studens!