Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New pandora beads

Hi girls!!!! Am using the computer whilst i still have power,we have some wild weather out there,it is blowing a gail and i'm sure trees will be down soon and no power!!!It was 3 degrees this morning when i took Daisy to school,i am still wanting some of that queensland weather!
Just got a new range of pandora beads in,lovely shabby chic colours,pinks and greens!!!Just listed them on ebay,Any bloggers interested can have a 10% discount dealing direct,just email me!!Here are a few pics,more to come soon!!!

Sitting here watching airways on channel 7,how do tiger airways think this show is doing them any favours,after watching this show,i will NEVER EVER fly them no matter how cheap their fares are!Speaking of fares,i have just booked my trip to Thailand and Cambodia going Feb next year!!! Cant wait!!

Anyway,going upstairs to veg out,keep the fire going and wait anxiously for the power to go!Better not go before out before i have watched packed to the Rafters!!

Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. Gorgeous beads. It is blowing a gale here in Mount Martha too. Lucky you Thailand and Cambodia how fantastic. My son and his girlfriend are off to Thailand for the second time in October, they are lucky as she works for Flight centre!!
    Hope you don't get blown off the mountain tonight!! Our windows are rattling right now.

  2. We flew Tiger in January to QLD, and missed check in on the return flight home by 5 minutes. Was not happy, we had to drive home. Their customer service is appalling, but we still flew them when we went to Sydney. Gluttons for punishment maybe, but we made sure we were at the airport before check in time!
    Best wishes,

  3. Oooo! Love them beads! I always like looking through all your pretty pics, too! That chandelier with the blue crystals is sooo pretty. ♥

  4. Loving thoses beads!!! My mother in law has a pandora, I know where to come if Im going to buy her a charm!!
    hope your week has been a good one!!