Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New pandora beads

Hi girls!!!! Am using the computer whilst i still have power,we have some wild weather out there,it is blowing a gail and i'm sure trees will be down soon and no power!!!It was 3 degrees this morning when i took Daisy to school,i am still wanting some of that queensland weather!
Just got a new range of pandora beads in,lovely shabby chic colours,pinks and greens!!!Just listed them on ebay,Any bloggers interested can have a 10% discount dealing direct,just email me!!Here are a few pics,more to come soon!!!

Sitting here watching airways on channel 7,how do tiger airways think this show is doing them any favours,after watching this show,i will NEVER EVER fly them no matter how cheap their fares are!Speaking of fares,i have just booked my trip to Thailand and Cambodia going Feb next year!!! Cant wait!!

Anyway,going upstairs to veg out,keep the fire going and wait anxiously for the power to go!Better not go before out before i have watched packed to the Rafters!!

Have a great week everyone!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

I want some queensland weather!!!!

Hiya girls!!

Honestly,where does the time go? 2 weeks since my last post and i havnt had a minute spare!We had some nasty weather last weekend and were without power for 2 whole bloody days due to some massive trees falling on power lines and blocking off the roads!Not much fun when it is only 6 degrees,freezing cold with no heating,no lights and worst off all,NO tv!!! So i had to miss Australian idol and i had been looking forward to it all week!My poor German students had a real glimpse of Australian life living up a mountain!Happens all the time,power loss every time we have a wicked storm! I suppose its better than the bushfires in summer.
Must say i am very very jealous of what i am hearing every morning of the qld forecasts,30 degrees!!!! How is that possible? It is about 7 degrees here in the morning when i take the kids to school and my central heating hasnt been switched off since March!As well as the open fire! I want some warm weather!!!
Have done a bit of sewing this week,made some nice ruffled cushions and have a lot more ideas waiting to go! Just dont find the time to sit down in front of the machine,i am missing my old friend!
I am having so much fun with my German kids,they really are great kids.Went into town last Friday night and walked along the river and had a gourmet meal of Mc Donalds.Yuk,but the kids were happy!Show them all these lovely restaurants along southbank and what do they choose?Crap,thats what!!!
had a nice day out in Brunswick st with my friend Kaz on Tuesday,lots of lovely little arty farty shops and a great lunch!I love people watching down there,so many nutters,hippies and weirdos!My sort of people!
Anyway,i suppose i had better go and get some dinner ready,ahead of yet again another busy weekend!Booked a few trips next year,a week in Thailand in Feb and a trip to Sydney in May,so that will keep me sane looking forward to those!
Heres a couple of pics of this weeks auctions and a few others i thought were cute!!!Do you like my cat Timmy who buried himself in my dressing gown on my computer chair?He made a nest,he loves to hide in things!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Lesley : )

Saturday, August 8, 2009

OMG !!!! Some spare time to myself!!!

Hiya girls!

For the first time in MONTHS i have a few hours to myself with nothing to do but catch up on the internet! I am down at the outlaws along the great ocean rd whilst they are away overseas,showing our Germans the beautiful coastline.Today my hubby has taken all the kids to Erskine and Triplet falls but i couldnt go as my asthma is really bad at the moment and i cant walk far or do anything but sit and breathe!Usually i am ok,but having had the flu and bronchitis all week,my asthma is rotten and i am on so many steroids and nebulisers its not funny!
So i get to stay here for a few hours by myself,no housework, washing or cleaning to catch up on,no driving to numerous sports,no millions of jobs to do in my own house and i cant get the dvd player to work here so only V8 supercars or football on telly!YUK!So i can play on the puter!!!!Wow,what a foreign concept these days,time to kill!
yesterday was a gorgeous day,we drove all along the Great Ocean rd to Port Campbell and saw the 12 apostles,Loch Ard gorge,and hows this several lots of whales!!!! So close to shore,its very unusual to see them this part of the world,they are normally a lot further on in Warrnambool.So very exciting for our exchange students!!!The wind was blowing a gale as well,so the water was very impressive!
Must say i am loving having these kids here,they are the nicest sweetest teenagers you would find!very very well behaved,they help with the dishes and cooking and love a chat! They are loving their stay here,so much to see and do and especially the social side of things,both have done rather well in the lovelife stakes!
So what else is news here? I have scored my cousins water frontage harbour view mansion for christmas in Sydney!!!! He is going away with his partner so i have scored doggy sitting duties,oh what a chore!!!Not! 10 glorious days of housesitting over christmas new year a beautiful house that i couldnt afford in my dreams as a holiday rental!Yee haa,looking forward to that so much and my hubby is coming as it is his first News years eve off work in 9 years!And only one kid as Ryan will be in Denmark with family for 5 months!
Been busy at home,slowly changing around everything from pinks to reds and aquas,i am loving the deeper French colours!made my new curtains so building up slowly from there! Would love to get rid of my beautiful white denim slipcovered loungesuite,as much as i love it,white does not go well with 4 grotty kids who dont unbderstand that feet do not go on the cushions,as well as 3 siamese cats who roll in the mud and walk all over the top with filthy feet,and one naughty west highland terrier who also does the same.My house would be so lovely with no kids or pets,but then its not a home,is it?Oh well,i have to put up with it for a bit longer!! Would love a dark brown leather one that just wipes clean.........
Now,onto other topics,does anyone have a husband that just doesnt "get it"?
My hubby thinks i have turned into a jesus freak as i love white chalkware religious statues.I have about 8 statues of Mary and Madonna and child and jesus! Only because i love the aged look and chalkiness and chipiness of them,not because i have found the lord!(no offense to anyone who has!!!) I have them on my mantelpiece and he thinks all our visitors will think i am a nut.They are decoration only!!!
Same with my wall sconces that i have on lots of walls that arent wired in,he doesnt understand why i have them if they dont work,just for decoration! And my old holey faded American flags i have hanging up,we arent American he tells me,why not an Australian flag? He just has no clue........ i have them because i like them.Pure and simple. I wouldnt care what flag it was if i liked the colours and they fitted in with my scheme!

men just dont "get" decorating.

Anyway now i am off to read everyone elses blogs,something i havnt had a chance to do in ages!
have a great weekend girls!!!!

lesley : )