Friday, July 24, 2009

Where does the time go????

Hi Girls,

I just dont know how time gets away and another week has gone!And i still havnt caught up!So many things going on,German kids to keep amused and show them around!They have settled in so well,and are loving Australia!Busy weekend at work in ED,nothing new there,Saturday and Sunday nights are a madhouse,especially with so many people thinking they have swine flu!Unfortunately many unrelated deaths on the weekend,which is always sad.But i do love my job,it does have good bits as well.Thats why i love the sewing,nice and easy and stress free!Except dealing with the usual nutters on ebay.Have managed a bit of sewing thsi week,here are some pics of my 1950's porch cushions and a few lamps.Also found a bit of treasure at the markets last weekend!
Tonight i have a night off,we have a footy club dinner at a nice reastaurant,so i can dress up for a change!And its child free,always a bonus!
Anyway,hope everyone has had a nice week,will try and read a few postings,but as usual,i have so much on my to do list and not enough hours in the day!have to go to my sonds school he is getting an award at a special assembly,if you get in the top 10% of your subject exams in more than 5 subjects you get an award and he has done it 2 years in a row!!Just as well as he wants to do Vet science when he finishes so he has to study very very hard!!!

have a great weekend girls!!!

Les xx

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Germans are here!!!!

Hiya Girls!!!!

Sorry,havnt had time to post or read much this week,my two german exchange students arrived last weekend!!!And they are just gorgeous!!!!A boy Max and girl Eva,they are so lovely and friendly and helpful!!!!We are having a great time,been out every day after school and we are one big busy household!! It is a shock going from 2 to 4 kids,but i am getting used to it.........more washing.....more peace and quiet in the bathroom!Tonight i have 5 of them here,a school friend and his german are here watching the footy as well,so i have vacated the lounge over run with noisy kids!
Had a great night on Tuesday,went to the pink concert which was fabulous.Had dinner first at a vietnamese restaurant with my friend Kaz,then onto the concert which was amazing.She is even better live and the backgrounds and costumes were divine.So much to look at!!!And she can swing upside down on a trapeze and still sing!!!
Anyway,its late and i have to get up early for the markets,so will pop back in later and finish catching up on everyones news!And some pics of my new loungeroom curtains that i spent several days making(never again) curtains are so boring,give me teh small stuff anyday!!

Les xxxx

Friday, July 10, 2009

Busy week with school holidays!!!

Hi girls,

Been a hectic week at home with kids here for holidays!!! Its so hard to get anything done and i just seem to spend my time cleaning!!! Did manage a bit of sewing and listing though!!! Have a look on ebay if you like!! I also included some pics of my 2 beautiful siamese boys,they always tend to sleep on top of each other,but this time they were crammed onto Daisys little chair in her room above teh heating vent! Looks very uncomfortable,but they seem happy! Well the one on top does anyway!!!
Went to the movies and saw Bruno on Wednesday,i must say,dont take your mother or your children under 18!!!! There were some very funny bits,mostly wrong bits and a very very cringeworthy pants wetting gay sex scene with Milli Vanillis ghost!!! No where near as good as Borat,no storyline whatsoever,just lots of gross scenes for teh sake of it.I'd give it a 4/10.
We get our 2 German exchange students this weekend,really looking forward to that!!! They sound lovely and not a bit like my recent guest from Hell.I am still recovering from that!!!
Anyway,hope everyone has been well,i am back to the house cleaning before they arrive,and hopefully a bit of cooking,i have some new recipes i want to try,have to get used to cooking for 6 people now!!!

Lesley : )

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Daisys new room!!!!

Hi guys,

Finally catching up on blogland!!! Have been so hectic all week,so many parcels to post and kids to keep entertained on school holidays and if that wasnt enough Daisy decided she desperately wanted her bedroom painted because she hates pink.Thanks Sheridan,its all your fault because she saw your new bedroom!!!!
Soooo,i chose a lovely colour called april showers that my friend Kim has used and i loved it!!Thanks Kim!!!!
So yesterday and today i have washed walls,cleaned crap from out under beds,moved furniture and finally painted!!!!All finished and i moved everything back in today and madam loves it!!Sorry photos are blurry,someone changed teh ISO setting on my camera without telling me!Thanks Ryan! by the time i realised i couldnt be bothered redoing photos!!

Anyway,i still have so much to catch up on and blogs to read and emails to answer but tonight i am going to bed,so maybe tomorrow!!!