Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Am i really surprised at how many dickheads are out there?

Hi girls,Just having a vent!
As most of you know i am a nurse and work in a big hospital.It still never ceases to amaze me the people we have out on our roads and why they just dont get it!!!
I did not do nursing to look after drink drivers on their P plates hooning at 160km on the wrong side of the road at 4am smashing into innocent drivers.Yet,every weekend we get plenty in and last weekend was no different.And seeing their parents reactions its no wonder these guys are doing this sort of behaviour.Consistently it is the same 3 ethnic backgrounds,mama comes in and oh my poor boy,he's a good boy really!!! And then the clincher at talking about the written off hotted up monara,dont worry,we'll buy you a new one!!!! Great,get teh idiot back on the road in a hotted up hoon mobile.

HELLO !!!! How about a kick up the backside,take his keys off him,cut off his money and dont buy him a new high powered car to go out and do the same thing over again,only to kill himself and his mates next time!Makes my blood boil,so many of these parents are in denial about what their precious hoons are up to on a Saturday night drag racing.I tell you what,if these were my kids,their backsides would not sit down for a week and they would not be driving cars that i had paid for and continued to fund.And what gets even better,is if it is a stolen car and they are chased by the police and crash,well its the police's fault,not their precious good boy son!!!!No wonder these kids turn out feral,its because they have been allowed to.
And we have to share the road with them,me,my family,friends and kids.We are the poor innocent cars who they crash into and think it is all a joke.And go out and do it time and time again.
And us nurses are the ones who have to listen to them whine when in hospital how they cant go out for cigarettes because they are in traction stuck in bed.And usually put up with constant abuse from them.
Sorry for the rant,but i am sick and tired of drink drivers and driving under the influence of drugs.I didnt do nursing to look after stupid people.I have all the time in the world for my patients,but people who CHOOSE to drive whilst extremely drunk and kill all their mates and others on the roads,well my sympathy is lacking.

Anyway,on a happier note,had a fabulous day yesterday for melbourne cup,had a bbq at a friends house and spent a day with great company!
Been busy getting in early for christmas shopping and pressie making and hope to be organised!My rearranged dining room is looking great,but still madly decluttering!I have been ruthless and listed a lot of bits and pieces on ebay,hopefully i wont change my mind! But it is nice not to have it sitting around!
On a sad note i have killed off Daisy's 4th fish this month,jimmy junior.Dont know what i am doing,but they keep carking it!Bok Choy,Fishy junior and Fanta have all died of unknown causes!!! Maybe my paint fumes are wafting in? Oh well,the cat enjoyed them! Only joking..........they were suitably buried down the toilet.

Had a good weekend at the markets,found lots of treasures and i have also been able to source some mini lamp shades that i have been after for a while! My curtain tie back pins arrived today after waiting 6 weeks and look great! Well 4 anyway,my hubby's friend Pete decided to help and make the hole bigger for the pins and two split in half!!! AAgghhh,hopefully i can glue them back together!I think it was payback for giving him the flu 2 weeks ago!

Anyway,better go and cook some dinner and will try and read some blogs! I'll put up a few pics of new stuff and ebay listings for the week!

have a great week everyone!

ciao for now,lesley : )


  1. I really feel for you, Leslie!

    Those idiots should not be taking up our hospital beds when resources are already strained. The w@ankers who chose their dangerous behaviour should be hit with a hefty hospital premium I say. Of course they will do it again, they will only get a slap on the wrist in court until they kill themselves or someone else.
    I'm sorry you & other nurses have to deal with that, it must be incredibly frustrating : ( I'd feel like strangling the parents!

    I'm glad the rest of your week was good, oh poor fishys : ( many people have said their fishys have died recently, maybe its the weather? lol who knows.

    Sheryn xox

  2. The majority of us think like you are thinking ! So how can the minority always ruin things for the rest uf us, I agrre with you those parents want a kick up the proverbial A** too!

  3. Definately!!!!! After 24 years of nursing i can honestly say that at least 80% of these people that come in,seem to have parents that have let them get away with this beahviour all their lives! As Dr.Phil would say,"Its time to get tough,parents!!!!"

    They come in to visit and treat them like gods,and its everyone elses fault other than their boy!! One parent actually discussed with their son in front of me,how to try and get out of the blood alcohol test by doing it for them!! With parents like this,no wonder the kids grow up feral.In many cases the parents also know that their kids are out driving and coming home pissed,yet still do nothing about it!! HELLO !!! TAKE RESPONSIBILITY !!! Take their keys,dont give them money and most of all,give them hell about it!Ring the police if you have to,better to have your kid locked up than dead.
    Anyway,my hospital is running a program in emergency to educate kids at risk about the realities of drink driving and party drug taking and it seems to be having a good effect! They are quite shocked at seeing the realities of what happens to them in trauma and ICU and seems to be a wake up call!But it all comes down to education and this HAS to come from parents first and foremost!!!If we cant set a good example to our kids,then what hope have they got?

    So folks,drum it into your kids every week,every time they go out,every chance you get,drink driving is deadly,and also NEVER EVER get into a car with someone who has been drinking.My son and all his friends know they can call me at 4am if need be and i will come and get them,no questions asked,if that is what is needed to stop them relying on someone to get home that is not safe to drive.My son also knows he is to call me if he is at a party and any kids are unconscious from drinking too much alcohol.I have had 2 school friends die from a night of binge drinking,passing out and vomiting and choking to death.Both were 17 years old.And friends both times didnt call parents because they didnt want to get them into trouble!!Better to get into trouble than not be here!! Once again comes down to education,kids have to know they can call someone if something happens!!!

  4. Good on you Lesley for saying it how it is. What is it with Mother's and their son'e? I ahve two boys but by heck, they are not spoilt and they know right form wrong. They will be getting jobs and buying their own cars and not living at home when they are over the age of 30. What is it with Gen Y parents......A good kick up the backside would do most of them the world of good.

  5. Great post Lesley.
    My kids - all adults (26 to 32)who live within 10 minutes of me know that if they have had too much to drink they can still call me no matter what the time to go pick them up. I'd rather pick them up than have them drink/drive and have god knows what to happen.
    I know they are all adults who should know better than to drink too much but we all like to go out and have fun - so at least they know if they need me I am there to help them out.

  6. Morning Leslie.

    Love all that you do! Your home, craft and blog are divine!

    I have awarded your blog an award, congratulations!

    Pls stop by mine to collect it as soon as possible.



  7. Hi Leslie

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and congrats on your award. Rhiannon is my step daughters name and she was named after my partners fav song.
    She has just this past week turned 16 (See blog post link)

    Enjoy the Fleetwood Mac Concert!



  8. Hi Lesley, see - most people think the same as you do. What a great post. What a great heart. Oh, and such a talent for beautiful products. All the very best to you and your family. Warmly ...