Friday, December 4, 2009

A month of catch up!!!

Hi girls,
Honestly where does the time go???? I say that every time i post and realise a month has gone by and i havnt had a spare minute to look at blogs!So much has happened in the last month,let me fill you in on all my news!
My son left for Germany last week,he is spending 5 months over there,half on school exchange and then off to Copenhagen to spend some time with his father and grandparents and little brothers and sisters!He is off to Paris in 3 weeks with school and then Skiing with his grandparents in Sweden and Italy.I am very very tempted to hop on a plane and go meet him!......very very tempted.......
And because he was leaving early,i did all my christmas shopping in November and have finished! Yes,thats right,all done!!!And boy do i feel good!And christmas decorations and tree up as well,i wanted him to see it before he left,so did it 2 weeks ago!I dont think he gave a shit !!! teenage boys hey!
Been doing a lot of work in the garden,we had 3 very very big trees chopped down,still moving bits of trunk away and chopping firewood!No more needed for the next 10 years!And i have some sun finally so can get my vegie patch growing and some roses! I have so many big trees that my garden is rather shady in summer,which is nice,but downside,its hard to grow my favourite plants!!
Working on the inside of the house as well,we are getting the stumps done,reroofed and a new kitchen,so its all madness!
As well as getting organised for the bushfire season,in between the flooding we have had 3 times in the last month,torrrential downpours,all coming in through my ceiling in my back room like niagara falls.I have been up here in the Hills for 5 years now and just love it,except for the weather extremes! I cant believe it was 5 years ago this week we have moved here,made so many wonderful friends,the people are so lovely,with the exception of the odd headcase or two!!!But you get them everywhere,not worth worrying about!
We are off to Sydney in 2 weeks for christmas and New year,spending time with my cousin and his partner!Looking forward to New years eve on Sydney Harbour,they are very lucky to have a water front house with bridge views! Cant wait!!!!
Anyway,have been busy sewing and creating,have made some lovely christmas hampers which i have just listed on ebay and some new pandora beads!!! Great for gifts!!

Here are some recent pics!Have also been getting back into my painting which i have neglected over the last few years,but have had quite a few commissioned pieces,so its a joy to get the brushes out again,my new years resolution is to spend more time painting!

have a great week girls!Will try and catch up on some blogs!

Lesley : )


  1. Nice to see you back with us Lesley. Have a lovely Xmas and New Year - it sounds divine!!

  2. Dear Lesley, I have no idea of where you get your energy! Have you got a battery hidden and can you give me a spare? Daisy looks beautiful. Five months is a long time withut Ryan. No doubt Daisy will miss him very much! :) I hope to catch up with you when you are in Sydney. Your lamps and cushions look beautiful. And is that your painting? Wow, that is almost an Aboriginal influence which I wouldn't have picked for you. (I should know by now not to expect the expected with you!) Fingers crossed for you for the bushfires. It is going to be another scorcher summer I fear. xx

  3. wow, you have been busy but it must be nice to wind back a bit this month while some of us (me) will be frantic! Rachaelxo

  4. Hi Lesley, you'll have to tell me what you're on as I sure as hell need some!! How do you keep up? You must be one organised lady. Ryan will love Germany this time of year, brings back many great memories of my skiing holidays in Bavaria! Hope you have a great xmas holiday too, take care, Maryann

  5. Wow you have been a busy girl.
    Love the lamps and cushions/pillows.
    Cute photo of daisy and the pets.
    Come visit my blog and enter the giveaway

  6. Hello dear Les, I've been a monthly blogger too! Your stuff looks gorgeous - and wow you certainly had some news. I had a belly laugh at the teenage boy reference .... know just where you're coming from .... "Just chill, Mum" is what I get told.

    We'll have to have a phone catch up soon. I'll give you a ring.


  7. Hi girls,

    Sneaking in a bit of blogging time at work!!!! Super super quiet afternoon today,what a surprise!!!makes up for busy week at home where i havnt had a chance to get on the puter!! So,i havnt been ignoring you,just awaiting an opportunity!!!
    Hi Suzyq,nice to be back and a very merry christmas to you too!!!

    Josephine,yes,i do love aboriginal artwork and sway in that direction with some of my paintings!!!I am working on a few more at the moment,will show you when i'm done!!

    Rachel,hope you are not so frantic anymore and have caught up a bit!

    mariondee,not on anything but gee i could use some ritalin i think to keep up with everything!Do you ever feel like you take on too much and just cant get ahead? Hope you are all sorted for christmas!

    Alison,just popped by your blog,gorgeous as usual!!! Will comment on some in a minute!!!

    Miss Suzy,we must catch up,how long have i been saying that for?????????I PROMISE to talk to you on the phone soon!!!And we will have lunch in the holidays,i PROMISE !!!!!!

  8. Hi Lesley, Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm glad I found your blog that way! Your pillows are so adorable and the flag banner is very sweet! I hope your son enjoys his stay in Germany. We live not far from Schwerin. In June we went there to visit a flea market. I think it's pretty cool for your son to visit all those countries. Sweden and Italy are very beautiful too. I'm sure he will come back with lots of wonderful memories.

    Have a wonderful week and Happy Holidays!


  9. Hi there, Pink Princess! ♥ I'm tickled Pink that you think my tree is pretty! So often, I feel like my decor is the ugly step sister in blog land! ☺

  10. Holly,your tree is gorgeous and so is your house!!! Not ugly step sister at all! Dont ever feel like that!!!!!

    Lesley : )