Tuesday, October 27, 2009

busy busy busy......

Hi ladies,
Wow where does the time go? My last post 3 weeks ago on my way to Sydney,havnt had a spare moment since!
Had a great time,caught up with my lovely friend Josephine and her little Miss Daisy! I have big Daisy,she has little Daisy!Will put a link to her lovely blog when i work out how to do it! She is an author and has a wonderful way with words!!!
Been busy here as usual,bought a lovely pink Moran roses 3 piece loungesuite and a French armoire which i have painted white,so that has kept me out of trouble!So much for getting rid of all the pink in my loungeroom,i have gone straight back to it!Lucky for ebay,i can sell everytime i have a change of decor!
Anyway,have to go upstairs and cook tea before a night in front of my favourite programs!!Will put up some pics of my new loungeroom and armoire,which i just filled up today with all my royal Doulton old country roses and crystal that had been hiding in teh cupboards out of sight!
Also some of my new ebay listings,i have some great French aubusson rugs and lamps!
Will do a much better post tomorrow and catch up on reading some blogs!
Have a great evening all!

Lesley : )


  1. Enjoy your telly shows Lesley! It was lovely to catch up with you too! I look forward to your visits to Sydney. I love all your new pretties. Clever girl. I knew you couldn't stay away from pink for too long! xx

  2. EEEKKKSS love the cabinet!! what a dreamy peice!!! Great find!!

  3. Gorgeous! Thanks for popping by Les - fab to reconnect - I've been away from blogging for a while - but I'm baaack. Your pics look beautiful as usual. Suzex

  4. Love the armoire and the gorgeous new loungesuite

  5. Hi lesley...BOY I admire you for painting the french amoire...
    I have one as well...BUT would be far toooo scared to touch it...i would mess it up for sure!!
    soo WELLLLL DONE...
    loungesuite looks lovely as well..

    have a good break re melbourne cup tomorrow??

    xx andrea