Tuesday, October 6, 2009

On my way to Sydney!!

Hi girls,Finally a chance to catch up,i am sitting at the airport waiting for my plane!!! First bit of peace i have had in weeks!5 glorious days of ME time!!!had a busy time with kids in the holidays and also an unexpected family death,which was quite awful.The funeral was last Friday and was really sad,but it was nice to catch up with a lot of family i hadnt seen in a long time.
I had a really good clean ouit of my work room,its amazing what you find when you havnt looked ina while! I was lucky enough to find a few of my French poste sacks that i thought had long been used up!So i made a few cushions which are currently on ebay!Also had plenty of lamp orders and orders for other things,without fail i find my busiest time is just when i am about to go on holidays and think i am organised and then have to madly sew and pack parcels!! But i cant complain business is good i suppose!!
Am loving all the new shows on tv at the moment,the australian apprentice is hilarious,there are lots of dreadful annoying women to laugh at and the boss guys Mark Bouros,i love how he talks really slowly in case the people listening might have the brain span of a 5 year old and need things simple.Also loving how many times the former Miss Australia can drop her title into a conversation.Too funny!
The new show flash forward looks like a goodie and i am loving packed to the rafters and rush.And guess what,i am so proud! I have given up on home and away after 21 loyal years.I figure that as i am now in my 40's (gasp gasp) i should now watch something a little more intelligent than crap from my teenage years.So i am now addicted to spongebob.yes,really,i love him!!!! And daisy's influence had nothing to do with it!
think i am waffling on now......anyway,if anyone can give me any suggestions of good shops and places to look at in Sydney,much appreciated!!! I tend to stick to the same old places everytime,would be nice to have some new recommendations! I cant believe how crap the weather forecast is for the week,after seeing 30's and high 20's recently,how come its 17 and rain all week????? Not happy Jan! If anyone could do anything about the weather or have a word to someone,it would be muchly appreciated!

Ok,so ciao for now,plane is about to board!!
Will do lots of catching up through the week,hope everyone has a good one!

Les xxxx


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I love everything in all your pictures. Love the kitty too.

  2. Have a fun 5 days - yay no kids and lots of ME time.

  3. Hey Lesley,
    Why don't you head down to Newtown and browse all the book shops, antique shops right down the stip towards St Peters? There is a shop called Pretty in Pink that has some pretty things! Plus a couple of antique shops. Without children should be easy. I'm heading into the city on Friday if you are around I could meet you in the morning time. I'll send you a private email. Hope you are having fun in Sydney and enjoying the weather:) No way would I change it back to the boring sun for you! I love rain! And 21 years of Home and Away is so bad it's almost good. Swapping it for Captain Squarepants is no great cultural move however! xx

  4. stip is strip actually. In a rush as usual. Pardon! xx

  5. Hi Lesley!
    Have fun in Sydney, should be nice to have some me time, I am thinking about going there myself in a few weeks!
    Would love for you to come by my blog as I am having a pink giveaway!

    Sheryn xox

  6. Hello! Lovely blog. I've popped over from Josephine's place.

  7. Thanks girls for visiting!! Will pop over and have a look at your blogs now!!

    lesley : )