Sunday, March 7, 2010

Storms,renovations,holidays,new pandora beads and jewellery!

Hi Girls,

Its been a while since i posted,where does the time go?I have been super busy since christmas,we are in the middle of renovations here and the house is chaos!We just had it restumped 2 weeks ago,lovely big cracks on all our walls now,so requiring a full inside house paint! Not sure whether to keep it antique white or to go a pale swedish bluey grey!! Ahh the dilemma!I have also been painting the outside,which is no mean feat considering this is a 2 storey 5 bedroom 80 year old house,needing lots of prep!!I have chosen a deep cream with white trim and black guttering and iron work,very French!!!We have a lot of black wrought iron balustrading and old garden scrolly lights,so is coming along nicely!Have also been getting stuck into the garden,will post pics of house and garden soon!
I have just returned last week from a trip overseas,had a fabulous time and bought lots of great treasures which i have listed on ebay!beautiful new pandora beads,lots of jewellery,fabulous sparkles and bling! Even some sparkling rhinestone iphone covers,which i am in love with!A girl can never have too much sparkle!
Havnt had much chance to do much sewing lately,i have a lot of customer orders,so that keep me busy working on those,so no new stuff for ebay i'm afraid,but once the house is over and done with,sewing machine here i come,i have missed you my friend!

Only 3 weeks until Ryan comes home from his overseas trip,it has gone very quickly!! He is skiing in Sweden this week with his father and grandparents,wish i was there!! I did have a brief visit from his grandparents 2 weeks ago,they flew out for a medical conference in Sydney and drove all the way down to see me,so we had 2 lovely days together before they had to head back off to Denmark.It was great to see them!Hopefully i can head off there myself in the next year.
We had a HUGE storm here in Melbourne last night,torrential rain and hailstones,my car has big dents in it and many friends lost windows and windscreens!! Our house is a bit less leaky since being restumped but we still did have some water coming in!Not as bad as usual though,thank god!The pictures i have seen on the news makes Melbourne look like a war zone!
Anyway,i have just about run out of time,i have to go to work soon! Thats my other bit of news,i have a new job!! Working at a local hospital in the emergency department,i still have my other job at the other hospital,but now doing some extra shifts a bit closer to home!
Anyway,i certainly hope to get on here a bit sooner and add lots of pics and more news!!Have a great week ladies,will try and catch up on blog reading as soon as possible!! I miss you all!! lesley : )


  1. Hi Lesley you have been busy. How wonderful for you to have Ryan home soon.
    Lots of gorgeous bits and pieces in your pics.

  2. Dear Leslie....I honestly DO NOT KNOW how you DO it ALL..

    Lots of gorgeous jewellery...

    would love to see pics of the outdoor colour scheme...sounds lovely..

    YEP....didnt get the hail stones here in old williamstown...thank goodness..BUT was an awesome storm nevertheless..

    xx andrea

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