Thursday, January 21, 2010

OOOhhh,the blisters!!!

Hi Girls,

Been a while since i have posted,have had so much to so and no time to do it!Been to Sydney for several weeks over christmas and new year,had a fabulous time!!New years eve was unbelievable,we had a big party at my cousins house,which is waterfront in front of the bridge,so we had fabulous views!Great food,great company,what more could you want!
Since coming home,we are madly renovating,getting the stumps done in 2 weeks,sanding weatherboards outside ready to paint the whole house,we are going cream black and white for a French look.I also have to scrape paint of 300 pavers on my deck to repaint and all the black wrought iron work as well.So huge job,but will look so good when it is finished.After we have done the stumps we are knocking out some walls to join my old daggy kitchen into the back room and have a HUGE kitchen!Complete with 2 chandeliers!! I still dont have much idea how i want my kitchen yet,well rather i have about 300 ideas but can only have one!So have to think carefully! Also working hard in the garden,since having 3 very large trees removed,i now have sunny bits!So getting a nice cottage garden planted as well as a herb and veggie garden for all the weird things i need for my Thai cooking! Lemon grass,Kaffir limes,vietnamese basil,coriander,mint,chili's and all sorts of other herbs that the shops charge a fortune for a small bunch!!

Been busy sewing as well,i seem to get more orders in January than i do all year round,just when i think i am having a break!I do have a new range of gorgeous vintage fabrics and velvets,so dying to test them out!Also have a new range of pandora beads,will get around to listing those as well,they are selling fast before i can list them!

Ryan is still overseas,he has been to paris and Copenhagen in the last month,he is having an amazing time,i am so jealous!! I will have to sort myself out a trip i think! Dont think it will be this year though as i already have another overseas trip in 3 1/2 weeks!! Cant wait!Wish it was Paris though,but Thailand will still be nice!

Anyway,will get back into the garden whilst it is still light,i have some rose bushes to plant!

Have a great week everyone!

Lesley : )


  1. Hey Lesley,
    Your whole reno thing sounds like lots of hard work, but I bet the results will be amazing.
    I love your new creations too, that red lamp shade is just gorgeous! Oh la la!!!
    Have a great weekend, try not to work too hard!

  2. Just gorgeous cushions, lamps etc etc love your blog.