Sunday, March 31, 2013


hi there lovely ladies!! been a while since i posted,sadly due to working fulltime,i just never have enough hours in the day to do the fun stuff!!been buys renovating.....still...... just finished my sons that hes almost 20,i thought it was time for a more groovy grown up room,so he chose a lovely taupe coloured paint and new bed linen,its looking great! Will take pics soon. parting with lots of great treasures on ebay,i have changes taste somewhat and no longer shabby chic/frenchy,now loving retro,orange,bold colours and bright vintage!! Anyway,have to leave for work soon,so perhaps tomorrow i can sit down and do a decent long post and catch up on all those wonderful blogs! You can find me on facebook under vintage pretty and pink.I post a lot more often there. have a great easter!! lesley : )

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