Thursday, May 19, 2011

FUNKY RETRO PRINTS~something new.....

Hi Girls,

Sorry posts are few and far between,fulltime work takes its toll on all the enjoyable things in life,sitting on the computer looking at everyones gorgeous houses and new creations and hearing everyones news! I do try and catch up in a quiet moment......
dont have many of those.
Now,i have been taking advantage of our fabulous dollar exchange rate and buying heaps of gorgeous Amy Butler fabrics from the states.The colours are bold and retro inspired and just fabulous.Been making quilts and cushions and lamps,they have been very very popular,had heaps of orders just from work mates alone! Very tempted to change my whole colour scheme again,i went from pink to red,now i want the bright prints,my husband is getting sick of me changing my mind all the time!
The renovation is finally finally finished,floors all painted white,with a few dramas along the way from cat prints in white enamel all around the house and paw prints in my floorboards.But never mind,it all adds character.
Anyway,would love to hear what everyone thinks of the new fabrics and i will organise my first big give away shortly when i can get myself organised!! Anyway that can help and tell me how to make a button,it would be greatly appreciated!
You can also now find me on facebook under vintage pretty and pink.

have a great week everyone!!

Lesley : )

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  1. Hi Lesley, this is Nicole Baird in her incarnation as nicoleblogaddict! I have bought lots of Daisy's clothes on eBay for my daughter Charlotte. I love your new kitchen. It is beautiful. I was checking out your blog and I adore the red polka dot shade. Amy Butler is awesome. You are lucky your house will lend itself to almost anything. I'd love to see the floors. I'll check out eBay for an excuse to visit you! By the way, my mum used to make fabric overed buttons with a tool she purchased from lincraft. It worked like a badge maker. They should have something at spotlight. I'll ask her if she still has it. I'm pretty sure she doesn't use it anymore. I'll let you know. See you, Nicole x