Thursday, September 24, 2009

Can any American bloggers help me????

Hi girls!!I have a dilemma and need to find something not available here in Australia! I bought these divine vintage glass curtain tie backs and they dont have the hardware included!!We dont have these over here,i have hunted high and low for the screws that go in the middle!! Has anyone seen the centre hardware in any stores or know where i can find them online?I just need the screws in the middle!If anyone could help,i would love you forever,i have been dying to use these with my new curtains!I have included a pic of some with what i need!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

School holidays!!! YEE HAA !!!

Hi Girls,been far to long since i last posted,i really dont know where time gets to!!My Germans left a week ago,i am missing them terribly!But do enjoy the less cooking cleaning washing chauffering,and yelling!!
But it is quiet around here!Have been able to start catching up on lots of things,nameley a good clean!I am decluttering in a very big way,all going on ebay!I know i have hoarding disease and am trying to get on top of it!Not as bad as my friend Kaz though who went through her linen press today and found baby cloth nappies,grow suits and baby toys! Her youngest is 12......
School holidays started today we have some big plans!Tulip festival,melbourne show,beach,catching up with friends,a drive to Warburton!So many nice things to do!And then when all that is over i have given myself a 5 day trip to Sydney the week school goes back!By myself!!!!Bliss........
Been doing a bit of redecorating,trying to organise my work studio which is a mess on steroids,not getting too far!Will post pics when finally sorted into something presentable!Also been tackling the garden which is 2 acres of jungle and stone!Making headway slowly!!Hubby has leave in a few weeks,we may try tackling the outside house painting and have to decide on colours as currently it is black and white!I may through some dark cream into the equation!
The kids had a good week of celebrity hunting!!My son had a good chat to Kevin 07 who turned up at his football grand final as they were against King Lake,who lost a lot of their town in the bushfires!!!Many thousands turned up which was nice!And then Daisy met Fifi Box doing sunrise weather up in our town on Monday!!!She was lovely and Daisy thought far more impressive than our prime minister!!!
Anyway,bette rget back to cooking dinner,tonight is a nice chilli meatball concarne concoction,which may or may not be fabulous!!!
I will put together a page soon of all my favourite recipes as i do love to cook and have some great ones hiding away!Budget and tasty!!!
Have a good weekend girls,here a few pics of current listings and weeks activities to keep you entertained!!

Lesley : )

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back again and feeling sad : (

Hi girls!!! Finally back on again,i have had a few lovely weeks of pneumonia and asthma,so been feeling rotten!Still feeling pretty crappy but on the mend.But i am feeling very sad,my Germans go home tomorrow!We have had a great time,it has gone by very quickly and i will really miss these kids!Especially my son who has had a bit of a romance! We have done so much stuff,it makes you get out and about so much more when you have visitors!Last weekend we went down St Kilda Esplanade and Acland st and Luna Park.Ate fish and chips on the beach,walked along the craft market and ate huge gelati!My son met Chris Lilley from Summer Heights high and was lucky enough to get his pic taken,he was a lovely fellow!And it was filmed at my old school!
Been doing a bit of sewing,but with being ill and having the kids,i just havnt had a lot of time to do much in the last few months,so next week,watch out,i will have some spare time!So much to catch up on,so many ideas!So many painting projects!!!
My hubby is also on holidays,so will put him to work!
Anyway,will go upstairs and spend some time with the kids on their last night here!I have posted a few pics from our weekend and some of my more recent projects!!

Back soon with more!

Lesley : )