Friday, May 7, 2010

kitchen renovations,new French cushions,chandeliers and new verandah!!

Hi Girls!!

I'll start off with some sad news,my beautiful siamese cat Timmy that has featured in so many of my photos and posts and magazine shoots was hit by a car last week and died.We are all very devastated,especially Daisy,he was her birthday present 4 years ago.We miss him so much,especially his other cat friend Harry,the two were inseperable.RIP Timmy.: (

Onto brighter things,been busy here,the boys have been building me a nice verandah outside my dining room,its almost finished!! My life seems to be painting at the moment,walls,windows and now verandah posts!! Getting hard as the weather has now turned awful,foggy and cold,so my painting is over until the spring! Outside anyway.....
Now to the inside! My new kitchen starts soon,we are knocking down walls and turning our back room into part of the kitchen,so it will be huge!It will be so nice finally after 6 years in our house to have the kitchen of my dreams! Or rather,the one i can afford,the one in my dreams will stay there until i win lotto!I am still undecided over what colour to paint the walls,do i stick with white,do i go duck egg blue or pale swedish grey? aah decisions,decisions.....
currently on holidays in Sydney at the moment,a well deserved break after working almost fulltime in the last few months at the hospital! The weather is lovely,i have come back to summer! After having winter the last month at home up the mountain,with rain,fog and more rain,not to mention the freezing cold,i have come to Sydney and it is a lovely 25 degrees!!! Shame i am going home tonight,i think i would quite like to live here!
Been working on some new cushions and lamps,have had a lot of requests for blue ones,so they atre currently listed on ebay at the moment!! I had forgotten how much i actually like blue!I had some beautiful old tickings and fabrics,so it was nice to work with them! I also have some beautiful vintage dome chandeliers,these are so hard to come by and i was able to buy a houselot!have a look!

Not much else newswise,been so busy painting,working,sewing and mums taxi,so i'll wish everyone a happy mothers day for tomorrow and hope you all have a great day and are spoilt rotten!!

Ciao for now,lesley : )